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Praxis für Neuropsychologieund PsychotherapieAndreas Tiede

Who should be referring to a neuropsychologist?

Because the term neuropsychology combines ‘’neuro’’ and ‘’psychology’’ together …


…the knowledge from

•  the neurology – e.g. ‘’What region is responsible for what function in the brain?’’    
•  the psychology- e.g. ‘’How does the memory work?’’                                                                                            


is therefore necessary for a treatment.



The neuropsychologist provides treatment for patients…


… who usually sustained injuries in the brain or spinal cord because of e.g. an accident or stroke. Patients have typically problems with concentration or memory.


… with disorders of

-  Perceptual performance e.g. scotoma or neglect
-  Concentration/ Attention
-  Learning ability/ Memory performance
-  Visuospatial capacity
-  Cognitive processes such as planning and impulse control
-  Handling their affliction


The aim of the treatment is the occupational or social reintegration of the patient, in close cooperation with the attending neurologist. 


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